Tree Perc Ice Bong

From its 5.0mm-thick green glass measuring utencil base to its agreeable mouthpiece enriched with bubbly clear glass dots on the chamber just underneath it, this percolator ice bong from Black Leaf is stacked with incredible highlights! Simply over the measuring utencil base sits the 4-arm tree perc with cuts in each arm for additional dispersion, or more that is an arch splashguard finished with vivid inversion structure. A green glass bowl with rollstoppers is incorporated just as a 18.8mm > 18.8mm cut opening diffuser connector downstem is incorporated. This bong has ice scores and a carb opening, with an elastic carb-plug included. The Black Leaf logo is highlighted on each piece.

Stable green 5.0mm glass measuring glass base

Clear glass dabs grouped on chamber

4-arm tree perc

Vivid arch splashguard

Dark Leaf logo on all parts

Cut opening diffuser connector downstem and green glass bowl included

Ice indents

Carb opening with carb-plug included

Some portion of the Mix and Match Bong Builder’s Kit from Blaze Glass, this 66cm-tall bong highlights ice indents and a 12-arm perc in the 50mm cylinder! The waterpipe is comprised of two separate pieces: the measuring glass base and the 5.0 thick glass tube, which includes the Blaze Glass logo is decorated down the barrel in polished silver. The pieces fit together at the 45mm SG (beyond any doubt ground) joint and are anchored by a 45mm Keck cut.

The measuring utencil base is made of additional thick 9.0mm glass and has a 29.2mm joint. A 29.2mm Keck cut anchors the fit with the diffuser downstem, which includes a 18.8mm joint and accompanies a liberal limit clear glass bowl. The two pieces likewise include the Blaze Glass logo in polished silver. The Blaze Glass star logo is sandblasted on the base of the base.

The base and container of the bong can be traded with some other pieces from the Mix and Match arrangement. These bongs all have a carb opening with an elastic carb-plug included.