Hurricane Bong

Tropical storm basix just comes in a single standard frame. Completed to meet best European gauges, ensured execution and grand workmanship consolidate to give the door to an inspiring smoking background. As we would see it, glass is the most appropriate substance utilized in pipe making. That is the reason we have picked Borosilicate glass to make our item. Appreciate a smooth, unadulterated smoke and watch everything occurring! These baSIX Hurricane Bongs enable you to watch their progressive filtration framework in real life. It’s this framework that characterizes the astounding nature of Hurricane Bongs.

Fine punctures are connected along the side all through the corpus of the bong, drawing outside air and twirling the smoke into a solid revolution. As you smoke, the tar content is spread against the glass. This procedure expertly refines the taste and experience of each smoke, and guarantees significantly less effect on the wellbeing of the smoker.

This protected Smoke filtration framework is authorized by Hurricane worldwide and you get the unrivaled unique. Like the majority of Hurricane’s range, this model is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is created absolutely pressure free. It has an enemy of break framework and an absence of projecting parts that further guarantees that the base measure of harm is done if the bong is dropped.

All Hurricane models are dispatched as total sets, including a sprinkle protect, 2 association poles and the ‘Vesuvio’ bowl, which is an inside and out assortment.