Percolator Ice Bong

‘Burst’ Premium Icebong made of 5mm think Pyrex glass with Ice Notches, Spiral-Percolator, Splash insurance vault, Massive-Bowl, Diffuser connector, carbplug and keck clasp to fix the bong bowl (For wild smoking!). An uncommon element is the bigger chamber with a winding Percolator. The distance across of the Percolators is fundamentally bigger than ordinary, which takes into account more noteworthy smoke stream. The ‘Burst’ logo is scratched and sandblasted on the bongs chamber.

These Wildrok tubes are wiped out. They join looks and capacity to offer the smoothest tears with the coolest plans. With completely worked bases, diffusers, percs and top segments, each piece is totally one of a kind. It has a 6 arm (open and strengthened) percolator and a sprinkle monitor.