Percolator Ice Bong

‘Burst’ Premium Icebong made of 5mm think Pyrex glass with Ice Notches, Spiral-Percolator, Splash insurance vault, Massive-Bowl, Diffuser connector, carbplug and keck clasp to fix the bong bowl (For wild smoking!). An uncommon element is the bigger chamber with a winding Percolator. The distance across of the Percolators is fundamentally bigger than ordinary, which takes […]

Blaze Glass Pipe

Some portion of the Mix and Match Bong Builder’s Kit from Blaze Glass, this 66cm-tall bong highlights ice scores and a 12-arm perc in the 50mm cylinder! The waterpipe is comprised of two separate pieces: the measuring glass base and the 5.0 thick glass tube, which includes the Blaze Glass logo is decorated down the […]

Tree Perc Ice Bong

From its 5.0mm-thick green glass measuring utencil base to its agreeable mouthpiece enriched with bubbly clear glass dots on the chamber just underneath it, this percolator ice bong from Black Leaf is stacked with incredible highlights! Simply over the measuring utencil base sits the 4-arm tree perc with cuts in each arm for additional dispersion, […]

A little about bongs

The word ‘bong’ has been gotten from a word in Thai that implies pipe or a barrel-shaped cylinder utilized to smoke.

The Bubble Roome Bongs are likewise alluded to as water pipes and are viewed as an extreme of a smoker’s stuff. Despite the fact that initially made of bamboo today bongs are accessible in a lot of materials, for example, artistic, acrylic, plastic, metals, and obviously glass. They are made out of glass in excellent structures in hypnotizing hues and plans that look so beautiful and embellishing.

Smoking out of a bong is favored on the grounds that it gives far more joy than smoking a customary pipe or a moving paper and this is because of the expansive measure of smoke that a load of a bong can hold and in one hit the smoker can get a decent high if utilizing substances like pot or cannabis. Check out more Glass Bongs at also, to get CBD hemp oil in discounted price. Find out here.